Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Dear diary,

Im soooooooooo tired now, after chasing by mummy for few round...phew~ Why? hehe coz I bite mummy again....okok, I know I shouldn't bite mummy but... but... but its a very normal thing for a puppy mah...I oso cannot control myself ler. Dun worry, I still sayang my daddy & mummy one.
Oh ya, wanna tell u guys that I got my new bed....a carpet. Daddy & mummy bought it exclusively for me oh (coz I always sneak into their bed...hehe) Mummy told me that she will buy me a nicer doggie bed when she start working...hey mummy, dun worry bt me. This carpet is good enough for me edy, I like it so much oh. Thank you soooooooooo much !! Muah muah muah~~ luv ya.
Hmm....since I got my blog edy, I assume that Im very smart & good in computer. So, I thought I can I play the FIFA game with daddy....but I realised that daddy kinda upset with what I did. I just dun get it? Why daddy so upset when I help him to type on the keyboard? I just wanna help....(I heard uncle henry told mummy that I hit the esc button on the keyboard. Whats tat mean ah ??)
okok, is time sleep. Talk to u 2ml k. Nite nite.

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