Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Alarm Clock

Im the alarm clock for daddy mummy, I always wake them up in the morning.

They have their own alarm but it is not as effiient as me. Normally daddy mummy will just switch it off then continue their sweet dream but now, they cannot sleep as their wish edy coz i wiil wake them up around 7am. I will lick & french kiss them, if they ignored me then i will pull thier blanket.....if they still dont want wake up then i will start biting their legs & hand or climb up their body. I will always make sure they get up and show me their sleepy anoyying faces.

Why am I doing so? Because its my breakfast time mah !! I have to wake them up to feed me...hehe, not because I scared they late for class but I scared they skip my breakfast. hahaha

After I finish my yummy yummy meal, then only I continue my sweet dream while daddy mummy prepared for their outing with that jealous faces.....hahahaa.

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