Monday, November 13, 2006

Its All About Benjamin

Yup! Its all about me. I just wanna show u guys how special I am....hehe or what make me special^^.

As you can see that Im white, black, brown & tan.

But I got brown, tan & black patches on my right eye & also 2 mole on my face.

Then I got moustache.

and also sideburns.

Besides that, I got one small round patch on my head.

and also another brown patch on my butt & a long wagging tail.

Im a "Love carrier" coz I got a heart shape patch on my back. I will give all my love to u guys.

Not forgoten those small tiny little tan dots on both my front legs.

Last but not least, I got EXTRA NAILS on my right leg !! can u see it?? Now u know how special I am.


Anonymous said...

nice description about ur body...too bad, i'm all black, ntg much 2 say about...:(

Ben_Benjamin said...

hi pacco.

haha, nvm. U still look great in that black body. sexy babe.

Anonymous said...

You are special! My sister Dakota had an extra toenail when she was a baby! I always call her a freak!

If you want a card and you did not join the DWB Christmas card exchange, send me your address at and I'll send you one!

Molly said...

dear ben ben.. sis here.. u really a unique handsome chap ! i bet there wil be many girls out there going after u *winks* !