Tuesday, December 19, 2006

25th December 2006~~My First Christmas !!!

Yeah~ 5 more days to go & its CHRISTMAS !! My first christmas !! I dont really know bout xmas but I can feel it, it gonna be the happiest day ever because I can get pressie & the xmas cards....YoooHOO.

See? These are the cards I received from my lovely pals from all over the world.....
(there are somemore, mum haven put them on)

This is my so call xmas tree, the biggest tree ever....I request for a 9 feet tall one, but mum just dont want to get it for me....grrr. The little fella wearing that stupid xmas outfit is Don Don, mum last year xmas pressi.


So, here is my xmas corner !! Im gonna add on more deco on it....Hmm...dont you think its nicer with a 9 feet tall xmas tree??


Anonymous said...

Ben Ben, we saw our card at your 'corner'. Well, at least u got a Xmas tree.. We know of two shih tzus who dont..*hint hint*.

Boy n Baby

Anonymous said...

yep! ben ben, definitely better than a 9 feet tall tree when you have all our cards! how abt that! hehehe.

wet wet licks


Anonymous said...

If you had a 9' tall tree you'd only get in trouble for knocking it down.

Bussie Kissies

Anonymous said...

Thats not 9 inches is it? Still its very pretty.

Simba xx

Anonymous said...

Ben, Nice xmas corner you have there

~ fufu

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

wow!! nice decoaration...

my family juz start putting d trees up slow coach

Anonymous said...

Hey Ben, your little X-mas corner is the same size as mine... so dont' feel bad! Wow look at all the cards you've gotten and I see mine in there too!

I love the bone you sent me ...hehe. that's why it's on my tree as you saw!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Ben_Benjamin said...

hey guys, thanks for all your comments...well, grampa not celebrating xmas, so mum just deco a small xmas corner specially for me...for ME oh!! hehe

I want a 9' tall xmas tree coz I wanna hang all yuor xmas cards on my tree. Nvm, I think I gotta get a job so that I can get a 9' tall tree myself next year....


e said...

Just wanted to ask you if you received our card.
I love the pictures of the kitties. They are so cute. Eve wishes we can have a cat too but everyone in the family is allergic to cats.
Fei & E

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Ben Ben, to you and your family. Hope it's a great one - and that 2007 is full of bones and treats :-)


Ben_Benjamin said...

Eve & Fei:

no wo, I haven receive your xmas card so far...Hmm...bad bad postman, where he took my card ??

same to you.....wish u get more & more licks & treats this coming year ya. Oh, thanks for your xmas card ya.