Friday, December 08, 2006

Mama & my lovely siblings

This is my lovely mama Dhora, she is the prettiest mama in the world & all my lovely siblings.
(Where m I??)

Guess who? Its me !! Okok...I know Im cute ^0^

This is my handsome bro, Scooby..........Doo

This is little Chopin......adorable.

She is Molly, my pretty we look alike??

Even our sleeping pose also look alike...thats what we call siblings *0*


Anonymous said...

ah, molly is your sis! i've been to her blog before. she is now under foster hooman rite while the owner is somewhere somewhere! LOL

ha! you two are almost lookalike if not molly has that black patch and yours brown! how do you know your siblings? their hooman are your family members and friends or what?

yes, when you get the catzzzz home please update us!

wet wet licks


Ben_Benjamin said...

Wah Boo, u got soooooooooo many question ah?? Nvm, let me answer 1 by 1 ah.

yeah, Molly is my sis, she is staying with 2 JRT now while her mommy need to training at penang.

Both me & Molly were adopted by our previous hooman mommy's friends which is my daddy & molly's mummy.

I dont know where Molly's new home but I manage to find her in the forum. From that day onwards, we contact each other thru forum, friendster,msn & hp..but me & mommy haven meet both Molly & her mommy yet. We plan to have siblings gathering next year...mayb Jan & mommy decided to celebrate my birthday together-gether with Molly & Scooby. U must join my bday party k!! hehe

ok boo, Im gonna tell u when I meet those kitties k.


Anonymous said...

Your brothers and sisters are all as cute as you.

Simba xx

Ben_Benjamin said...

Hi Simba, thanks ya. But so far I only manage to get Molly & Scooby...the rest lost contact edy.

Anonymous said...

Your siblings are as cute as you...Its nice that you are still in contact with your siblings.

Anonymous said...

oh, u r having a barkday pawty? wow, that could be my first barkday pawty then! LOL

but i'm staying in KL, rather far away from seremban... let's see if my hooman allow me to go... *ahem* of course with them.

wet wet licks


Sharon said...

You are all very pretty and handsome. It seems like the longer I have Snickers, the prettier she gets. I'll bet it will work that way for you too.
Sharon and Snickers.

Ben_Benjamin said...

Hi boy & baby,

Yeah we all look like mama, the gene is good so all beautiful & handsome....


Ben_Benjamin said...


No worries...we will be celebrating it at KL in june. I will send u an invitation card ya.

Hi Sharon & Snickers,

Yeah, Snickers is a pretty babe. I like her so much....Is she still available?? can she be my girlfriend?? a long-distance relationship?? hehe


e said...

Wow they are all so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

You're the handsomest of ALL! :)

Anonymous said...

Molly is your sister! Neat!

Bussie Kissies

Fu Fu said...

Ben, of your mum is so pretty and your siblings and you are so........ cute....

~ fufu

Anonymous said...

OH my gosh, your mama is soo pretty and you and all of your siblings are soo neat looking! I personally love your markings the best!! Your eyes......

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Molly said...

dear ben ben ! Molly here ^^

wah. i think we can make an album out of it.. a family tree even ! hehhee !

yeah... gotta get the pawty going well then.. and all of us will be hapeeeeee ^^ ^^