Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Boring, boring, boring and I m**s them..... Okok, I hate to say this but still I have to admit that I MISS the HOoomAN.

Like I mention earlier, I have to stay with grandpa(daddy's dad)now. Daddy back to KL to continue his studies while mommy staying with my another grandpa(mommy's dad). I have to wait till weekend to see dad & mommy will visit me few times a week.....So no more everyday hugs & kisses, no more HOomAN's more everyday chat.

So my new year wish is to get a house on land(no more condo) where me, dad & mommy can live together for the rest of my life.....

Oh, Im going to K9 Day this coming Sunday. Im so excited coz Im gonna to meet my siblings, and Boo too...mayb Pacco, Amber, Faith & chloe.


Anonymous said...

wah, me too! i mean, i wish to have a house on land! then i'll be legal. then mom will not have heart attack when the management call her like today... well, they weren't complaining about my existence, luckily!

yes yes, i'll watch out for you this weekend. you can watch out for my hooman - my dad is tall with glasses, while mom is the fat one!

wet wet licks


Anonymous said...

K9 day sounds like fun. I home you get a new house soon.

Simba xx

Ben_Benjamin said...


lets us pray hard everyday we can get a house soon. I kinda regret that I never ask for a house from Santa during christmas....

Oh, my dad is tall with glasses too, mom also wearing glasses but shorter. So if you see a couple with glasses & leashing a handsome dog, thats me!

THis is my first time to K9 Day, hopes its fun....Im sure there are lotsa interesting event carry out at your place too.


Anonymous said...

Oh I am so glad you get to go to K9 day! Say a special hi to Pacco, Russell, Jojo, Groovy and Boo for me, okay?

Bussie Kissies

Anonymous said...

Please say hi to Boo for us. I hope they are recovered. We hope you and Boo both get real houses soon so you can run and play whenever you want.
Snickers and Sharon

Ben_Benjamin said...

Buster & Sharon,

sure, & send my regards to your family too.


Anonymous said...

Hope thay you have a lot of fun and pls help me look out on Boo. Tells me if he starts kissing


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you can't stay with your parents. That is a very sad thing.