Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My Barkday Pawty !!

OMdoG, Im going to have my first barkday pawty!! YaaHOooo !! Mummy & aunty Jane decided to have a barkday pawty for me, Molly & Scooby on 5th May 2007. Our actual barkday is on 16 June but Scooby's mom not around at that time so we have to celebrate it earlier. Well I dont really mind when they have it but I just want PAWTY !!

Hehe...Im sooooo happy until I can not close my mouth. I keep thinking bout my pawty.

I want a BIG yummy cake with lotsa cream on it.

I want lotsa pressie !! with lotsa treats & toys.

I want cookies too. YUmYum

and I want a chicken too, a big fat chicken. wahaha

and of cause I wanna invite all my lovely pals to my barkday pawty.


macgoogle said...

Hey Ben Ben,
I hope you have a pawty just like that. Do you prefer cooked chicken or raw chicken?

Love and Licks,
Texas (and his humans).

Simba said...
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Simba said...

Yay a pawty, I'll bring beer. The 5th May, I better not drink too much its my Birthday the next day.

Simba xx

Oscar Airedale said...

Wow, no wonder you are looking forward to your pawty! Look forward to seeing the photos & I'll be there in spirit!

Oscar x

Ben_Benjamin said...

Hi Texas,
hope my dream will come true ya. Hmm...I never try raw chicken before, ist nice?? I think I will take the cooked 1. hehe

Never mind Simba, you can still bring the beer & Im gonna finish it. wahahaha then you can prepare for your barkday then.

Oh so sad that you cannot come over ya....It gonna b fun if all you guys are here....dont worried, I will make mama to take many many pic on that day.

Wimsey said...

Lots of cream? Ask your mom to make Nanook's cream cake. It's delicious. My human made it for me for my birthday, and it's all whipped cream. MMMMMM! May 5th, hmm I wonder if I can get my human to drive me to your place?


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Wow a big pawty! Any bacon being served? If so, I will be there!

Bussie Kissies

Nanook The Newfoundland said...

HI Ben! You can call me whatever you like. I am very big, it is true, but I am a nice dog too.

Ben_Benjamin said...

Hey Wimsey,
Thanks for dropping by ya. Yeah, I want a BIG cake with lotsa cream, YUM YUM. Mayb I should ask mom to get me 1 too. muahahahaha. Please ask your hooman to bring you over....pls??

Ben_Benjamin said...

hey buster,
got bacon got buster??? then I ask mom to buy all the bacon in the market.

Nanook, Mr.Handsome Giant. Hehe....nice to meet ya.

Boo said...

oh oh oh, i got to go to this one! but must get my hoomans' approval first. :-(

wet wet licks


Ben_Benjamin said...

Hey Boo, you must come ya. Im serious !! Im gonna ask the permission from your hooman or else......EVIL plan ON. wahahaha

Luna said...

Hi Ben!! Those look yummy!! I started drooling just by the look of it (I bet you too =P ) Cake with lots of creams sounds extremely delicious.

Thanks for visiting my blog ;)

Amber said...

hey ben, now that's what I call a pawty! I wish I could go!!! Yummy~

luv amber!!

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Can we come, please please. We promise that we will bring treats.

Boy n Baby

Ben_Benjamin said...

Luna sweety, I hope I can have all those yummy yummy thing in my tummy. wahahaha, especially the cake....Oh I cant wait.

Ben_Benjamin said...

Amber, Boy & Baby,

You all are invited!! Please ask youe hooman to bring you along....plssssssss

Molly said...

yey ! pawty pawty ! i cant wait too ! i bet scooby also same :D

woah.. looking at ur wishes i also lau hau sui already !

btw, its 16 june la dear lols

e said...

ben ben
Am I invited???
DO you have sashimi at your pawty???


Luna said...

Ben ben, how about online birthday pawty =P I can help you lick the cake from my monitor kekeke..

Ben_Benjamin said...

yeah Im too excited until I put the wrong date. hehe

Yeah, you are invited,you can drive Eve's mobile all the way from Japan, I reserve 1 parking for you ya. Sashimi?? Izit good?? I never try before....mayb I should ask mom to prepare ya.

Online pawty?? sound great...I try to work on it ya. wahaha

Sunshade said...

Kewl!!! I want the CHICKEN toooo Ben honey, will you send a piece to me on May 5th??

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Count me in - I love a good party :-)


Pacco de Mongrel said...


i'm looking forward 2 ur party....n plz do serve me d delicious chicken, ok?? i'm drooling for it , rite now..!!

Fu Fu said...

Ben Ben, your pawty sounds very very fun. I hope you get lots of presents and yummy food

~ fufu

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday Ben Benjamin!!! We love you and wish you lived close by so Snickers could lick your ears!
Snickers and Sharon

*Sasha* said...

hey Ben Ben,

wow...nice dream huh? am sure your dream will come true except for the chocolate cookies :P

i hope i'l get the same too for my sad that i cant make it to your barkday party:(

Dory and Liza said...

Ben Ben -

Barkday pawties are lots of fun. My mom and I made a cake and baked it all by ourselves on my barkday in December!!

Have a happy, happy day!!

Love, Dory

Isabella said...

Happy birthday! I hope your party is the bestest ever with lots of yummy food, fun friends to play with, and lots of gifties.

Big Wags,

Jackson said...

Your party sounds like it'll be heaps of fun. Food, toys and pals, what more could a dog want? J x

Quinvale AstaLaVista Baby said...

Hi Ben Ben,
That looks like too much food for just one dog, so I think it's my duty to come and help you finish it. Thanks for signing my guest book! xxx
Your Neighbor in Melbourne, Asta

Sharon said...

Happy Easter Ben Benjamin!

ChaCha & Yuki said...

Hi ben ben! after reading ur post, my owner remembered that she came across this:

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Contact: Ivan Wong 012-2203713

Maybe your hooman can give Mr wong a call. It sounds like it'll be expensive. If that's the case, bake a cake urself ;)


Huskee Boy said...

Hi Ben Ben,
This is so exciting!! A birthday pawty.. wowweee... Now I have an excuse to go shopping for your present!!

Ben_Benjamin said...

Dear Sunshade, sure I will send it over to you. But I scare that mailman eat it, how? should I wrap double or triple layer of wrapper?

Opy, Im gonna wait for you ya.

Pacco, yeah I cant wait too. WHy cant they make it earlier?? you want chicken too??

Thanks Fufu, I hope you can join us too.

Sasha sweetie, so sad that you cannnot come over...nvm. Im gonna miss u....

Hey Sharon, thanks ya. I wish Snickers is here with I can lick her too. hehe

Hey Dory, Scooby, my bro gonna bake a cake too. I mean his grandma gonna bake a cake for us. Kewl hah!!

Thanks Isabella baby, I dont think all my wishes come true coz you are there with me....sad

Jackson, thanks for dropping by. I want to have a great pawty for my 1st barkday !!

Asta baby, sure you can come over. I dont mind sharing all my yum yum food with you. I wait for you ya.

Happy Easter Sharon & Snickers.

Oh Cha Cha & Yuki, We not going to get from the rascal marketing, we going to prepare all the stuff on our own....scooby's grandma gonna bake us a cake !! YOOoohoo !!

OH Huskee boy, you gonna get me a pressie?? Really?? You are so sweet...I cant wait for it. Thanks 1st ya.

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