Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My Family --- Whatever

I have been tagged by Goofy since last week on the family thingy. I have to tell you guys bout my family and what they do for living. Since Im only 1 years old plus and I have never been to classes, I might have some difficulties in explaining this whole family thingy. So I went to that lazy bum bum laying on that sofa.

Ben: "Mom, what is Family??"
Mom: "We are Family."
Ben: "What is WE??"
Mom: "Thats mean you, me & daddy."
Ben: "So Family = you, me & daddy??"
Mom: "Hmm...sort of..."
Ben: "What do you mean by sort of? I need a firm answer."
Mom: "Ok yes. You, me & daddy is a family."
Ben: "So whats a family do??"
Mom: "Family should stay together, love & care each other."
Ben: "Well then we are not a family."
Mom: "Oh BenBen, how dare you said like that??"
Ben: "Oh mom, you said family should stay together. But we are not!!! I stay with grandpa & grandma. Dad stay with Uncle Henry and you stay with some strangers that I never know."
Mom: "................"
Ben: "So, me, grandpa & grandma are family, dad & uncle Henry are family while you & those strangers are from another family. am I right??"
Mom: "................."
Ben: "Hey mom, Im asking you question !!! "
Mom: "OK BenBen, listen. You, me, dad, grandpa, grandma, grandpapa, grandmama, uncle Kong, uncle Yu, aunty Li, aunty Min, aunty Shan, Cheetah & Milky gal are 1 big family. But we have to stay apart for some reasons."
Ben: ".................."
Mom: "Ben, are you listening??"
Ben: "Yes. But, you were saying me, you & dad = family. Why now suddenly everybody = family???"
Mom: "Yes we all are BIG family and small family....coz.."
Ben: "Mom, can we skip this family topic?? Its kinda complicated. Its too hard for a young pup like me."
Mom: "..........."

Ben: "Ok mom, you need to tell them what you & dad do for living."
Mom: "Im working in a shipping agency & dad work in IT field."
Ben: "Shipping?? ist like a boat?? Like Simba's Fat fat daddy's boat?? "
Mom: "No Ben. That shipping not ship or boat. Shipping mean like doing some freight forwarding."
Ben: "hmm.....whatever. Then what is IT field??"
Mom: "Daddy will dealing something using computer."
Ben: "like what I did everyday??"
Mom: "No, you are blogging while dad is working."
Ben: "Whatever....but I think Boo is smarter than dad in those computer stuff."
Mom: "Benjamin !!"
Ben: "So this is why you only visit me once a week?? doing all this boring thing?? Dont you think its more worthy playing with me??"
Mom: "Ben oh Ben, me & dad have to work in order to get you FOOD. No work no FOOD!!!"
Ben: "What?? No work no FOOD??? Okok, you are forgiven. FOOD is more important."

Ben: "Ok ok. Last question. When can I move back to you & dad??"
Mom: "We are working on this BenBen. We will bring you back once we have a landed house...."
Ben: "Nah...thats what you keep telling me. Can you give me a date?? Boo is moving to his new house, Boy & Baby is moving soon too !!"
Mom: "Just give us some times BenBen sweety."
Ben: "Whatever....."

This is my one and only FAMILY photo.


Oscar Airedale said...

Phew, all this family stuff is hard work isn't it! The main thing is that family = love I think!

Oscar x

ROSSI said...

aaww.. Ben Ben.. am sure giving your mummy n daddy some times... u will get to stay with them real soon...

Golden Rossi

Amber-Mae said...

That's a nice interview Ben!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

PreciOus said...

Oh BenBen, I'm sure your mum and dad would lurve to stay with you soon too. You are the main focus in your family potrait, that shows how important you are.


Boo said...

err... ben ben, must respect the elderly lah.

wet wet licks


Pearly said...

Hahaha... dare to ask ben ben... it was a good interview...

Peanut said...

Hey at least you have grandmas and grandpas to take care of you when you are not with your mom and dad. Sounds like they all love you and that is what a family is.

Lorenza said...

HI, Ben.
You have a big family. I know that sometimes is hard to understand it. You are like me, my grandparents take care of me during the day!
I hope you can move soon with mom and dad!
Have a nice day

Maggie said...

I like the part about families loving and caring for each other! Your mom is very smart!

Love ya lots,

Joe Stains said...

humans are so COMPLICATED! you did a good job Ben! I hope you can all live toghether again soon!

The Airechicks said...

Ben Ben:

Very informative need to ask for more treats...

Work = more treats?

chester.hiflyer said...


i'm sure your mum and dad love you to bits and wanna spend every minute with you!!!

it'll happen soon - hang in there buddy!

chester.hi-flyer said...

ooops...btw, that was me who left the previous msg....Chester the Border Collie! =P

Pugs & Kisses said...

I enjoyed your interview. I hope that you and will be together with your family soon.

Goofy said...

Nice interview..Mom and I laugh so much reading it..kekeke

Coz mom hide me in the room all day long the whole weekend just bcoz she knows ur mom is coming to get me for u!!!!

Love licks

ToFFee said...

you sure know how to make mommy sweat ei???

Hey I awarded you with the Rockin Guy Blogger


Bella said...

Wow that was complicated - now i'm confused too !! Hope you get your new house so can be with your Ma & Pa again really soon.

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

I think your mom had a hard time answering your Qns.

Boy n Baby

Lee :) said...

Neat learning about your family. It sounds like you have a big one too! My mom comes from a big family and she says that it's the best!

Jackson said...

Hey pal, that was very complicated! I suppose the good thing about having a big family is more treats! That's got to be an advantage! J x