Saturday, August 18, 2007

Paw Paw Pawty!!!

Yeah, we are off to Simba Bond pawty now.

Me & Goofy have to pick up the MR.BOND & BOND GALS before head to Simba little house. We were inviting the ladies at first but then we dont mind having guys around too. So, here we are. (Mr.Bond=Me, GOofy, Hammer, Sparky, Sweet. Bond gals=Asta, Agatha & Archie, Amber, Bella, GG, Precious, Ume, Ruby,)

Driving from one country to another.

Well, it was very easy to get to little house. There are only 4 turning then we are there!!

We took a photo before we head in to the pawty. Can you see all the sexy gals around us?? Can you spot GG??


Max Dex said...


Bella said...

So cool I love the group shot.
I think I spotted GG too.

Ruby Bleu said...

Great pix of us Ben. I see GG too!!! It was such a fun pawty. You need to check out the pictures on Bernard's site. He got some fun shots too!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

PreciOus said...

Hi BenBen! Thanks for the ride in your super comfy Bond car! I had a hard time spotting GG, I think I'm still having hangover from too much pawtinis.


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Haa. Thanks for picking us to the pawty. hee I'm posing to box at the gun handle right? Hee hee

~ Girl girl