Monday, March 02, 2009

I saw an Alien!

It's a booooring weekend....

Dad came home and I missed him sooOO much!
He is the best! But......He got me nothing....ZeeRRoooOO!
He took my lil evil sista Darling for a haircut...Hahahaha and it came out like this....

Ugly rite???

Dad: She's cute and don't worry, you're Handsome as well Ben....

Ben: Nah....she's an alien....just look at her...

Darling: I was a cute gal but now I'm a beautifuuUULLLLLL lady.....hmmmmphhh

Ben: Goshh......hmmm guess I'll just go on and sleep....

By the way, dad got Darling a new unfair!

Dad: Oh Ben, her carrier was kinda erm...."Out of Shape" so I got her a new one...

The new Carrier:

Daddy, since you got her a new carrier, can you get me a new pillow....I want this:

Dad: Ben, I'll see what I can do....
Ben: You and your empty promises again.....*Sign*


Twinkle a.k.a Chicken Little said...

Ben, you are sooooooooo right !!! I went together gather with Darling to the salon, and I was nearly faint when she came out from the grooming room. I thought I saw an alien too!!!!!

Wakakkaa!! (Ouch!! Mom, dont hit me!!)

By the way, Ben. Why are you sleeping like that?? There are so many place to sleep, why you have to squeeze over there???

slurpy licks,

Lorenza said...

Hi, Ben!
Be nice with Darling! She looks pretty!
And the carrier is pawesome too!
Don't be jealous my friend!

Goofy said...

ben, pls check is that darling? doesn't look like her.. errrrr... check if she got a heart shape on her chest to confirm

Boo Casanova said...

why is darling needs a carrier? she's too big for carrier!

wet wet licks


Moco said...

You are truly handsome. We are not sure about Darling. We always say a good nap is in order.

BenTheRotti said...

Hi Ben..

BOL!! ooohh thats a bit evil .. she looks kinda.. umm.. cute?

Good to see ya buddy!!

Ben xxx

Amber-Mae said...

She's looking goood!

Butt sniffs,
Solid Gold Dancer

Maggie and Mitch said...

Darling looks beautiful with her new hairdo! Be nice, Ben!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Lacy said...

w00f's, heehee me thinks darling is a cutie tooo..

b safe,

Bae Bae said...

What? Nothing for you? So NOT fair

~ Bae

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Oh Ben, you deserve that cute pillow, daddy will get that for you in no time.
Darling is so adorable, everything is new for her, new haircut, new carrier, love you both.