Thursday, December 07, 2006

Im sorry baby.

Dear Ben Ben,

Im sorry baby, Mummy shouldnt scolded you last night. I was so tired & I have to admit that I have a real bad temper....until I never realise that u are sick....mummy feel so guilthy now. Sorry baby, mummy still love u.
Ben Ben vomit & diarrhea late last night.....he came to me & wake me up but I was so tired & sleepy so I ignore him. Ben Ben keep bitting & pulling me, I was so angry & scolded him. I even push him away, I thought he was bored.
When I saw his waterly poo poo all around the toilet this morning then only I know that he's sick. He try to tell me but I just push him away, Im a lousy mummy hah. I should know there's something wrong when he came to me in the middle of night.
Ben Ben looks ok, he can play & run but look abit tired. Will bring him to vet later if he is not ok.....dont worry, Im gonna update u guys soon.
Hugs & Kisses


Anonymous said...

Oh no... Pls update us how u feeling. We know its not a nice feeling to be sick.. we hate it too.

Maybe it is something u ate..hmmm. Oh pls dont blame ur mommy. She must be very tired and we are very sure she loves you alot.

Boy n Baby

Anonymous said...

on behalf of ben ben, i DEMAND bad bad mommy to err... GIVE LOTS OF TREATS, HUGS AND KISSES for me to ben ben!

i wish ben feel better soon and start writing his own blog. yeah, maybe something that you ate. my gf chiyo is having regular diarrhea too. please update us on the status!

wet wet licks


Anonymous said...

Poor Ben ben, hope you are ok. Don't be too hard on your Mummy, humans only sleep at night, not all day like us doggies. Nose licks.

Simba xx

Ben_Benjamin said...

Dear boy n baby,Boo & Simba:

Hey guys, Im feeling better now. No worry ya.

I think I ate something wrong...mayb the new pack of kibbles that mummy bought yesterday, gotta check with the petshop....

yeah..bad bad mummy, gotta give me more treats, hugs & kisses...and b more alert hah. Nvm, I edy forgive my mummy. Cant blame her much coz she having final exam now & she prepared home cook dinner for me just now...yum yum!!

thanks & love ya guys...


Anonymous said...

Hey Ben's mommy, I'm sure Ben has forgiven you. It's hard when you first get a puppy that you don't know what they are trying to tell you. I'm sure the next time you think Ben is being annoying, you will remember that maybe he is trying to tell you something.

I wake my mommy up in the middle of the night too if I had to go to the bathroom. Sometimes it takes me a while to wake her up.... but she knows I'd only wake her up if I HAD to go to the bathroom.

ps. don't be too upset, just give him lots of kisses and hugs and my mum's favourite "Good Boy!!" (ok, it's girl in my case), but that always makes me feel much better!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Ben_Benjamin said...

Hey Miss Sunshade,

Ben'mommy here. Thanks for ur msg ya. He is totally ok now, run here & there & start his so call wrestling this morning as usual.

Yeah, he is 5 months+ now. I still remember he 1st came to me, ben was only 1 month old,its really like having a baby. Have to woke up few times at night to pat him sleep, he loves to sleep on our lap....even now a big boy edy.

Ben is well porty train. There's a bathroom in my room, so he can go by himself whenever he want. Guess thats make me pay less attention to him nighttime...

But dont worry guys, I learned from this lesson & will love him more & more, more treats, more hugs & more kisses. Yeah, he's my little baby forever.

Ben's Mommy