Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Oh Mom

Im no longer a indoor more sleeping on HOomAN bed, no more watching TV on sofa & no more sneaking into kitchen.....
Here are my daily routine:
(these pictures were taken on Nov 2006)
Grandpa, can I go inside??

Watering grandma's garden

Treasure Hunt

Looking for June June


When I was busy sniffing around the garden, a car stop in front of grandpa house. Without seeing the driver, I knew thats mommy's car. I was so excited & straight away I jump on her. I know I know, Im no longer a small baby...Im a heavy boy now.

Both of us miss each other sooooooooooo much & we were kissing & hugging, (daddy, dont get jealous ya) grandma just couldnt help laughing at us.

We were having fun, but mom spoilt my mood when she said "Ben Ben, its shower time." I was trying to escape from that evil hand but stil I failed. WHy?? because she using her dirty tactic again, TREATS !!

When I was so upseting, mom took out her camera.......

Mom, stop taking my pic...

Stop it mom !!

I told you mom, you not gonna make it. I will never ever show my wet wet faces in my blog. Dont you ever try to spoilt my handsome faces.

p/s: even though mom treat me bad, but still I love my mommy....coz Im a GOOD boy.


luck0037 said...

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Boo said...

oh ben ben,

wow, your fur look so fluffy when wet! u know, you SHOULD show your wet face. wet face is s-e-x-y!!!

wet wet licks


Ben_Benjamin said...

hey BOO,

dontca try to con me....I will never ever show my wet wet face here....


Anonymous said...

You are a good boy, I normally give Mummy evil looks for a whole day after a bath.

Simba xx

Anonymous said...

You look all punk spiky when you're wet!

Bussie Kissies

Ben_Benjamin said...


yeah, Im a good boy. I only show my evil look when mom forgot my meal...

By the way, I couldnt leave any comment at your blog, too sad. Bad bad blogger...anywhere, dont be sad bout boo & chiyo k. you r a lovely boy....

Anonymous said...

If you lived next to me, you would be my bad boy friend and we could play all day! We look like twins, but you have longer wiskers and I have longer legs! My hair is so short it dries like a snap.

Anonymous said...

Ben, you're so good to help your grandma water the garden. And you have spiky hair when your hair is wet. That's cute. :)

~ fufu

Anonymous said...

hi ben ben,
i understand how u feel...i will definitely feel sad too if cant get to stay and sleep with my hoooman...wish ur mom and dad can get a nice place soon and u will b able to stay with them again...
Anyway, the hooman don know how to appreciate your help, huh? u juz wanna help grandma water the plant dat she doesnt need to do it...aiyah...hooman, they not smart ler :P

Anonymous said...

Hey Ben,

Your hair is pretty spiky when it's wet!

I think I may be die a b-a-t-h soon as mum says I'm getting a bit stinky. That's how I like it - O work hard to smell like this!

Oscar x

Anonymous said...

Hey Ben Ben,
Nice spikes! We hope your hoomans get a place soon so you can be with them again and sleep with them. Keep your chin up pal!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Ben_Benjamin said...

Hey pals, thanks for dropping by. Just wanna tell u guys that I couldnt open or leave comment at your blog. I miss u pals !!


Anonymous said...

Hey BenBen,

You have been nominated for "Photo of the Month" - head over to the Bone Zone and cast your vote :-)


Anonymous said...

Hey Ben, why dont you you show us your wet face. We are certain you look as handsome.

Boy n Baby

Anonymous said...